Easily Grab Rapidshare Links From A Webpage

RSFind is a handy Firefox extension to grab file-sharing links like Rapidshare and Megaupload from a webpage, RSFind lets you scan a webpage for links and then let you manage (open, copy etc.) some or all of them altogether.

You can copy all or selected links to clipboard for using with your favorite downloader or make them open in new tabs, this comes very handy when links are not clickable or are scattered through

Click Here To Get RSFind

Upload Files To Multiple File Hosting Services

UploadJockey is a free mass file-mirroring service, allowing users to upload files upto 100 MB to various file-sharing websites like rapidshare, badongo, sendspace, zshare, megaupload and depositfiles using a single upload.

After upload, All file mirrors can easily be accessed using a single unique UploadJockey file download link (try this test link), A must try handy service.

Kill Yahoo Messenger Ads

Download free Kill Yahoo! Messenger Ads

Here is a small BAT file, That removes yahoo messenger ads forever..


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Re-enable Task Manager, Regedit and Folder Options

(Remove Ristrictions Tool) – A tool to re-enable Ctrl+Alt+Del, Folder Options and Registry tools
The virus made some system restrictions in order to make himself hidden, those restrictions are usually the following :

1 – Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del >> so the user can’t see the virus and the other running applications!

2 – Disable Folder Options >> so the user can’t set the option to show hidden files!

3 –Disable Regedit >> so the user can’t see what is going on in system startup!

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